World Class Reining Training

Reining Horses are our priority at Ingram Performance Horses. Our family team has a common goal: to provide the best possible care for each horse and to create a unique program for each horse and rider that will ensure they reach their potential and their competitive goals.  Reining is a high level equestrian event and we deliver results you and your horse expect.  Jon uses a thorough training program to improve horses and riders.  At Ingram Performance Horses, we strive for longevity as well as immediate success in the show pen while respecting your investment.

Additional Equine Disciplines

Reining Horses are our priority at Ingram Performance Horses, but we offer excellent basic training for many disciplines including dressage, hunter-jumper, polo and pleasure. Our many years of experience training horses of many disciplines, ensure results including great basics for young horses, excellent lead changes and speed control. Finished horses should be supple, responsive and obedient and that is exactly what the Ingram’s deliver. Our round pen is just one tool used for young horses or problem horses. We do a lot of work in the round pen and a lot of ground work to ensure that basics are sound.